emergency protocol



During work or after hours, if you have a clinical emergency (i.e., extreme behavioral situation, risk of suicide, or bodily harm to you or another person) you can call my work phone at 802.881.9001. You can also message me through Jituzu and if you click ‘urgent’ I will be notified by text in 15 minutes that I have an urgent message.

Keep in mind that during the day I am in sessions and not available at all times. I do my best to respond to urgent/emergency situations when I receive the message. However, in the age of technology they are not always reliable and there are times I am unavailable or out of range.

If you feel the nature of the emergency cannot wait or you cannot reach me within a short timeframe (15-30 min) then please go to the nearest emergency room for evaluation, dial 911, or call the community service emergency team in your area.

Chittenden County, VT:

Howard Center (HC)

All Services: 802-488-6000

24/7 SUPPORT/CRISIS LINES: 802-488-7777 

Franklin County, VT

Northwestern Counseling & Support Services (NCSS)

24/7 SUPPORT/CRISIS LINES: 802-524-6554 

Lamoille County

LCMHS 802-888-5026 Mon-Fri, 8-4:30
24/7 SUPPORT/CRISIS LINES: 802-888-8888 

Addison County:

Counseling Service of Addison County (CSAC)

All Services: 802-388-6751 INE: 802-388-7641

Washington County:

Washington County Mental Health Services (WCMHS)

24/7 SUPPORT/CRISIS LINES: 802-229-0591

Eastern Vermont:

Clara Martin Center (CMC)

24/7 SUPPORT/CRISIS LINES: 800-639-6360

Rutland County:

Southern Vermont:

24/7 SUPPORT/CRISIS LINES: 800-622-4235

Bennington Area:

24/7 SUPPORT/CRISIS LINES: 802-442-5491 Call Now

NorthEast Vermont:

Northeast Kingdom Human Services (NKHS)

24/7 SUPPORT/CRISIS LINES: 802-334-6744 

St. Johnsbury:

24/7 SUPPORT/CRISIS LINES: 802-748-3181 Call Now

Other numbers:

Domestic Abuse Hotline 802.658.1996

Department for Children and Families 802.863.7370

Suicide  Prevention  Lifeline: 800-273-8255

Vermont 211: Dial 2-1-1 anywhere in Vermont or visit www.Vermont211.org to get live referral help

NFI Vermont, Inc. (NFI)

Child/Youth/Family Mental Health Services: 802-658-0040

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